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Gender Issues: Rachel Rising

Gender Issues: Rachel Rising Article by Mara Wood Happy Halloween, and welcome to a new installment of Gender Issues! In celebration of this spooky day, we’re taking a look at….

Gender Issues: Lumberjanes

Gender Issues – Lumberjanes Article by Mara Wood Remember those long summer days? Spending time outside with your gang, causing trouble, and avoiding the mettlesome adults? Remember how anything is….

Gender Issues: Ms. Marvel

Gender Issues: Ms. Marvel By Mara Wood After a long hiatus, I’m happy to be back here at Gender Issues. Between SDCC, moving, and starting an internship, I’ve had to….

Gender Issues: Captain Marvel

It’s not everyday that we read a comic book series that has sparked a movement like Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel has. Since hitting stands nearly two years ago, Captain….

Gender Issues: Black Widow

With the success of Scarlet Johansson’s performance in The Avengers, it comes as no surprise that Marvel pushed for a Black Widow solo title. Natasha was an integral part of….

Gender Issues: She-Hulk

If you caught our first episode of The Missfits, you already know I hold She-Hulk in high esteem. Gamma radiation-powered lawyer who represents superheroes and villains… What’s not to love?….

Gender Issues: Public Image in Comics

It’s no secret that men and women in the public sector are under scrutinized under different criteria. We can hammer out the stereotypes all day long, but, in general, we….

Gender Issues: Nana

If you were with us during Women in Comics week, you already know my opinion on manga. For those who weren’t, let me sum it up for you: I LOVE….