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Coming Soon! Perpetually Overthinking

Perpetually Overthinking issue #0: Coming Soon! by Chris Ceary (@themythofpsyche) Banner art by Jess from Heart to Life Designs If you are the kind of person who likes to give….

Squad Review

“We don’t let boys hurt us. We hurt boys. Only boys.”  Squad Maggie Tokuda-Hall (@emteehall) Lisa Sterle (@lisa_sterle) Review by Chris Ceary Content warning/trigger warning: Graphic novel contains attempted sexual….

Marie Curie: A Quest for Light Review

“We also need dreamers, for whom the unselfish following of a purpose is so imperative” -Marie Curie  Marie Curie: A Quest for Light Frances Andreasen Østerfelt Anja Cetti Andersen (@DustAnja)….

To: Feminism, Love: Fat Me

To: Feminism, Love: Fat Me By Melissa Megan I’ve never been a member of Fat Club, until now. Ok, until about 2 years ago. At first, I wasn’t happy about….

“Feminist?” “Yes!”: An Open Letter

Feminist:  Adjective: Advocating  social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men. Noun: A supporter of those rights “Feminist?” “Yes!” An open letter by Bob Reyer Gentle Readers,….

Bitch Planet #1 Review

Bitch Planet #1 Kelly Sue DeConnick – Script Valentine De Landro – Art/Covers Cris Peter – Colors Clayton Cowles – Letters  Review by Joey Braccino “Non-Compliance is NOT recommended…” The….

Panel Review 101 – Ms. Marvel #1

Panel Review 101 w/ Mr. B Welcome to Panel Review 101 with your professor**, Mr. Braccino! Using his hyper-intellectual power of literary analysis and uncanny knack for identifying metaphors from any distance,….