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The Legend of Wonder Woman Review

The Legend of Wonder Woman #1 Writer: Renae De Liz Pencils: Renae De Liz Inker/Colorist: Ray Dillon Letterers: Ray Dillon Review by Alan Sizzler Kistler Full disclosure, I have met Renae De Liz….

Image Offers DRM-free Digital Books

  Digital comics are neat. That’s pretty inarguable. For some readers they’ll never replace the feel of ink and paper between the fingers but they’re here to stay, and for….

Moth City #1 Review

Moth City #1 Written and illustrated by Tim Gibson Web design by Steven Holt (STEVE HOLT! (Sorry Steven…)) Web build by Mark Webster Published by: ComiXology Submit Review by Stephanie….

Enormous #1 (One-Shot) – Review

Enormous #1 (One-Shot) Written by Tim Daniel Art by Mehdi Cheggour Review by Joey Braccino About a year ago, Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour started using Facebook and www.theenormouscomic.com to….