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Movies We Deserve: The Man of Steel

Movies We Deserve: The Man of Steel  By David Short Marvel has been dominant in taking their characters and adapting them to the big screen. Though DC has had tremendous….

American Vampire #28 Review

American Vampire #28 Review   Writer: Scott Snyder   Artist: Rafael Albuquerque   Colorist: David McCaig   Reviewed by David Short   Let me start by saying this: If you….

America’s Got Powers #2 Review

America’s Got Powers #2 Review Writer: Jonathan Ross  Artist: Bryan Hitch  Colorist: Paul Mounts  Reviewed by David Short   America’s Got Powers was a book I picked up knowing nothing….

Grim Leaper #2 Review

Grim Leaper #2 Review Writer: Kurtis Wiebe and Ryan K. Lindsay Artist: Aluisio C. Santos and Daniel J. Logan Colorist: Aluisio C. Santos and Jordie Bellaire Reviewed by David Short….