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In The Dark Review

Editor & Designer: Rachel Deering Publishers: Rachel Deering & Ted Adams Cover Art: Christian Wildgoose & Jordan Boyd Review by Melissa Megan In The Dark is a horror anthology labor of love orchestrated….

Molly Danger: Book One – Advance Review

Molly Danger: Book One Jamal Igle: Writer & Penciler Juan Castro: Inker Romulo Fajardo, Jr.: Colorist Frank Cvetkovic: Letterer Review by Joey Braccino The SuperMech’s are attacking Coopersville!!! Who can….

For the Kids! Issue #3

For The Kids! Issue #3 Welcome back boys and girls to the sporadically, semi-quarterly, possibly to be bi-monthly, third issue of “For the Kids!” I’ve got six titles that you….

Chasing the Dead #1 Review

Chasing the Dead #1 Review Writing: Matthew Scott and Time Westland Art: Dietrich Smith Review by Melissa Megan Chasing the Dead is the debut issue in a new miniseries based on the….

Nature Vs. Nerdture

Happy New Year, geeks, nerds and whatever else you might like or not like to call yourselves! Sorry it took me a few weeks to get back here but my….

Nature Vs. Nerdture

Three and a half weeks from my due date and last minute preparations have begun. Lots of laundry, re-organizing, filling out paperwork, birth plan, meetings and doctor appointments every few….