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X-Men #2 Review

X-Men #2 Story by Brian Wood Art by Olivier Coipel Review by Mara Wood   X-Men #2 is a stunning example of a well-written and drawn team book. It is,….

Mara #5 Review

Mara #5 Story by Brian Wood Art by Ming Doyle Review by Mara Wood   As Mara’s powers develop, we start to see that this series is more than just….

X-Men #1 Review

X-Men #1 Brian Wood: Writer Olivier Coipel: Penciler Mark Morales & Olivier Coipel: Inkers Laura Martin: Colorist Joey Braccino: Reviewer **Check out Mara Whiteside’s wonderful Gender Issues column here on Talking Comics, in….

Gender Issues: Star Wars

Let’s talk about Star Wars. For those who frequent this site, you’ll know that I am a fan of Brian Wood’s work on this new series from Dark Horse. There….

Gender Issues: X-Men

When Marvel teased their new X-Men series, people were in a tizzy deciphering the image. A segment of DNA, with XX embedded in the strand. When it was confirmed as….

Star Wars #5 Review

Star Wars #5 Story by Brian Wood Art by Carlos D’Anda Review by Mara Whiteside   If you are a fan of space battles and explosions, issue #5 of Dark….

Mara #4 Review

This has been an interesting miniseries from Image. It has a wonderful blend of nontraditional comic story elements and a tinge of superhero mythology. It would make a great transition series for readers used to reading superhero comic books. While the fourth issue is not the strongest in the series, the story as a whole is worth your time and money. For those late to the Mara party, keep your eye out for the digital copies and trade paperback in the future.