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Film Review: Batman: Year One

Spoiler Alert! We will be discussing intricate aspects of the film here. If you have yet to see Batman: Year One or have not read the Graphic Novel, perhaps you….

Review: Batman R.I.P.

  Batman R.I.P. (Graphic Novel) Written by Grant Morrison Art by Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea, Lee Garbett, Trevor Scott Colored by Guy Major and Alex Sinclair Reviewed by Steve….

Review: Batman & Robin #2

BATMAN & ROBIN #2 Written by Peter J Tomasi Pencils by Patrick Gleason Inks by Mick Gray Review by Brian Verderosa  After last month, I was stunningly disappointed with Batman….

Review: Batwing #2

BATWING #2 Review by Brad Jones Written by Judd Winick Drawn by Ben Oliver   I know I’ve already gone on about the art of Batwing in my first review,….

Review: Justice League International #2

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #2 “The Signal Masters Part 2” Written by Dan Jurgens Pencils by Aaron Lopresti Inks by Matt Ryan Review by Brian Verderosa Dan Jurgens certainly packs a….

Review: Detective Comics #2

DETECTIVE COMICS #2 Written and Drawn by Tony Daniel Inks by Ryan Winn and Sandu Florea Review by Brad Jones I loved this issue. I like the balance of Bruce-to-Bats,….

Review: Justice League Dark #1

Justice League Dark #1 Written by Peter Milligan Art by Mikel Janin Justice League Dark #1 is book I flat out loved. If you ask the general public what their….