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Iron Patriot #1 Review

Iron Patriot #1 Writer: Ales Kot Artist: Garry Brown Colorist: Jim Charalampidis Letterer: Clayton Cowles Review by Joey Braccino James “Rhodey” Rhodes is just one of those characters that everyone….

Winter Soldier #13 Review

  Winter Soldier #13 Written by Ed Brubaker Pencils by Butch Guice Inks by Brian Thies Colors by Jordie Bellaire Review by Joey Braccino Last issue, Bucky made the rash….

Captain America #15 Review

Captain America #15 Written by Ed Brubaker & Cullen Bunn Pencils by Scott Eaton Review by Joey Braccino Cullen Bunn joins Ed Brubaker for the final arc of the Captain….

The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight Rises

So here we are, mere days before Marvel’s The Avengers unleashes itself on audiences across the country. It’s a film we have been promised since 2008’s Iron Man dominated domestic and worldwide box office, and 2012 seemed oh-so-far away. But it is here now.