Nate Mondschein is a writer, musician, educator and sarcasm enthusiast hailing from Western Massachusetts. His work and various projects have been featured on Okayplayer, Afropunk, Talking Comics, Kurrent Music, The Vinyl District, and Union Station Magazine, among othes. His favorite song is D’angelo’s “The Root.” His favorite superhero might be Daredevil, and it also might be Echo. His favorite animal is an otter, but he doesn’t know any personally.

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Karnak #6 – Review

Karnak #6 Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: Roland Boschi Colorist: Dan Brown Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles Review by: Nate Mondschein (@33andMoonshine) --Mild spoilers for Karnak #6 (and Karnak #5, for any of you time travels…