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Barrett’s Christmas Movie Guide

You hate Christmas. Stop it, yes you do. Why else would you be here looking for a movie recommendation? You hate it like the Grinches and the Scrooges before you….

Captain America: Civil War Review

Civil War Review by Huw Parry Before you read this Civil War review rest assured that it will be entirely spoiler free. I’ll just be giving my thoughts on the….

Triple 9 Review

Triple 9 Movie Review Review by Stephanie Cooke There aren’t a lot of films left that are completely original. It’s all been done before, more or less, so when you….

The Witch Review

It seems that since 2014’s surprise sensation The Babadook, a switch somewhere in the collective unconscious was flipped and it is finally okay for the world to start taking the….

Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool Movie Review The Merc with a mouth gets a movie… Review by Darnell Savant Lee Deadpool, Marvel Comics resident mercenary with a penchant for killing, and wise cracking(and not….