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Elric the White Wolf #1 Review

Elric the White Wolf #1 Review Adapted and Written by Julien Blondel and Jean- Luc Cano Art by Julien Telo and Robin Recht Colours by Jean Bastide Translated by Reviewed….

Norman: The First Slash #1

Norman: The First Slash #1 Titan Comics Script and Art by Stan Silas Lettering by Cat Connery Review by Nathan Ryan (@Clown_Prince52) Norman is a book and character that has….

Masked #1 Review

Writer: Serge Lehman           Artist: Stepahne Crety Inks: Julien Hugonnard-Bert Letters: Cat Connery Translated: Edward Gauvin   Masked #1 is like the weird, French cousin of V for Vendetta and I, Robot…..

Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #1 Review

Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #1 Written by Alan Martin Drawn & Lettered by Brett Parson  Review by Joey Braccino “Let’s make like santa and leave their presence!” What’s….

Four Doctors Review

Writer: Paul Cornell Artist: Neil Edwards Colorist: Ivan Nunes Letters: Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt Review by Billy Seguire Four Doctors is a five issue event miniseries crossing over the….

Void Review

Void Story by Herik Hanna Art by Sean Phillips Review by Mara Wood The one certainty is that this ship will be our grave. A giant stone that falls silently…ceaselessly…through….