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Long Walk to Valhalla – Review

Long Walk to Valhalla Created by Adam Smith & Matthew Fox Written by Adam Smith Illustrated & Lettered by Matthew Fox With Color Assists by Fred Stresing Designed by Kelsey….

March of the Crabs – Vol.1 Review

March of the Crabs Vol. 1: The Crabby Condition Written and Illustrated by Arthur de Pins Translation by Edward Gauvin Letters by Deron Bennett Review by Joey Braccino “Cancer Simplicimus….

Butterfly #1 Review

Butterfly #1 (of 4) Story by Arash Amel (@arashamel) Written by Marguerite Bennett (@EvilMarguerite) Illustrated by Antonio Fuso (@antonio_fuso) Colored by Adam Guzowski (@Adam_Guzowski)  Lettered by Steve Wands Review by….

The Last Broadcast #1 Review

The Last Broadcast #1 Written by Andre Sirangelo Illustrated by Gabriel Iumazark Lettered by Deron Bennett Review by Mike Duke On its cover, The Last Broadcast is billed as an….

Cyborg 009: Chapter 000 Review

Cyborg 009: Chapter 000 Written by F. J. DeSanto and Bradley Camp Art by Marcus To Created by Shotaro Ishinomori Reviewed by Sean Lamont There has been a big push….

The Dare Detectives Vol. 1 Review

The Dare Detectives Vol. 1 “The Snow-Pea Plot” Written by Ben Caldwell Additional Colors and Inks by Bill Halliar and Mike Mucci Reviewed by Steve Seigh  The Dare Detectives Vol…..