The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight Rises

So here we are, mere days before Marvel’s The Avengers unleashes itself on audiences across the country. It’s a film we have been promised since 2008’s Iron Man dominated domestic and worldwide box office, and 2012 seemed oh-so-far away. But it is here now.

The Marvel Age of Movies: The Paleolithic Era

Long before the on-screen triumphs that Marvel is now experiencing with their linked universe of generally well-received films, they had an at-best spotty history with cinematic adaptations of their characters dating back almost 70 years.

I-Con 31: A (really) Retrospective

by Bob Reyer It’s just about two weeks since the I-Con convention here on Long Island, and though this may seem a late date for a re-cap, I prefer to let my impressions of these events mature a bit, as some co... Read More...