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Manga Monday: QQ Sweeper

She wants to marry a rich man when she grows up. He wants to clean facilities and eliminate the negative energy that exists in the world. Match made in heaven…..

Manga Monday: Some Thoughts on Nana

If you listened to our show a month ago, you heard the team’s thoughts and impressions of a josei series called Nana. You also heard about the difficulty in selecting….

Manga Monday: Library Wars

On Talking Comics episode #231, I talked briefly about a manga series from Viz that recently completed. Library Wars: Love & War, written and illustrated by Kiiro Yumi, is a….

Manga Monday: A Silent Voice

Welcome to the all-new, all-different Manga Monday. As before, the goal of this collection of articles is to introduce readers to a variety of manga series. What makes it all-new….

Manga Monday: Strobe Edge

Manga Monday: Strobe Edge Story and Art by Io Sakisaka Article by Mara Wood   Long time, no manga! Thanks to the demands of graduate school and kicking off Talking….

Manga Monday: The Heroic Legend of Arslan

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Original Story by Yoshiki Tanaka Manga Adaptation by Hiromu Arakawa   Sweeping fantasy manga is a particular favorite of mine.  While I absolutely love my….

Manga Monday: Magic Knight Rayearth

When it comes to telling stories with memorable, realistic girls and women, CLAMP is the go-to creative team.  They have brought us classics like Cardcaptor Sakura, Clover, and Chobits.  Among those….

Manga Monday: Attack on Titan

If you’ve been listening to The Missfits lately, you might have picked up that we asa collective whole are now fascinated with the manga series Attack on Titan.  Rightly so –….