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From the Forums – June 10th, 2014

Welcome back, forum fighters! It’s been a while since we’ve had a regular From the Forums post, but we’re back in the thick of it this week and looking at….

From the Forums – 04-15-14

Aloha, forum surfers! Today, we are back on the trail of new and exciting fare from the Big 2. Let’s see what you have to say! First, from Marvel, we….

From the Forums: 04-08-14

This week, we can’t stop talking about Cap! It’s an all Captain America episode of From the Forums, and there’s a lot to talk about! The crew at Talking Comics….

From the Forums: 03-31-14

This week is all about TV! Why? Because everyone’s talking about which shows are going to make it and which aren’t, and also because it’s what’s on my mind right….

From the Forum: 03-23-14

Good morning, readers. This week on Talking Comic Books dot com we have seen the maiden voyage of Talking Games, a video game podcast starring Steve Seigh, Bobby Shortle, Justin….

From the Forums: 03-17-14

For this installment of From the Forums, I want to talk about recommendations. For whatever brought you to the Talking Comics Podcast, the fact is that we’re here to talk….

From the Forums: 03-14-14

This week, I want to get back to some comics! Let’s see what everyone is reading, what you’re digging, and what you’re not. Down at DC: There is a lot….

From the Forums: 03-04-14

Member Spotlight! When I initially pitched the idea for From the Forums, I told Bobby that I wanted to periodically spotlight our members–taking an entire post to get to know….

From the Forums: 2.19.14

First and foremost, I want to call attention to the new podcast from Talking Comic Books contributors Stephanie Cooke, Mara Wood, and Melissa Megan: The Missfits! The show is available….