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Adam Shaw’s 2013 Top Ten

Adam Shaw’s 2013 Top Ten There are a ton of great books out there right now, and unfortunately I do not have the time (or money) to read every last….

Best Comics of 2013: Your Lists

So hard to narrow it down to 5! Saga Batwoman Captain Marvel Hawkeye New Avengers Honorable mentions: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Star Wars (Brian Wood) – Dee [intense_hr size=”small” shadow=”2″ /]….

Bobby’s Top Ten Comics of 2013

By Bobby Shortle It’s been a weird, wonderful, tough and transformative year.  This was in many ways the toughest year of my life.  I saw the foundation of my family….

Bob’s Top Ten Comics for 2013

Bob’s Top Ten Comics for 2013 A mess o’stuff by Bob Reyer With another year having gone in the books, it’s time for my co-hosts, fellow contributors, and me to….