Author: Sammie Cassell

Life long collector (minus some high school/college years). Also a horror, Star Wars and cooking fan

The Haunted Mansion #1 Review

Over the years (my kids are 25 & 23), we’ve been to Disney World in Orlando a dozen times or so.  We know the older rides by heart. Tommorowland, Space Mountain,….

The Resurrection of Purge

In 1993,Roosevelt Pitt Jr. published the comic book Purge through ANIA (the association of black comic book publishers).  Purge became one of the unsung heroes of the 90’s indie comic book….

Tales of a Collector:The First Hunt

When I was 7 years old, my mom started buying me Classics Illustrated. Not the comic version, but the “pocket sized” version, which was marketed for boys to carry around….