Author: Nicole Bresner

I have three lovely but exhausting girls. I stay home with them and draw comics and such. Aside from being a momma, I'm an expert insomniac, lover of all things dark and creepy, and hopeful initiate into the Evil League of Evil.

A Guide To Fandom: Hannibal

A Guide To Fandom: Hannibal By Nicole Bresner *This article contains spoilers, that I tried to write about in code, but are still spoilers.* Despite my surprise (and joy) that….

Papercuts and Inkstains #1 Review

Papercuts and Inkstains #1 Written by: Rob Jones @RobJonesWrites Edited by: Michael Sambrook @Rapiaghi “NO” Art by: Nick Gonzo @Nick_Gonzo “By ‘Eck on Earth” Art by: Kevin Pospisil @ARiseToDarkness “Mary”….

X-Files Countdown: IT’S HEEEERE!

Thank you to everyone who has been following the X-Files Countdown. Tonight the wait is over, and I expect you all shall be glued to your televisions this evening and….

The Complete X-Files Countdown

EDITOR’S NOTE: Nicole Bresner KILLED the last couple of weeks with her X-Files posts. Now the time has come to enjoy the new revived series (complete with both Mulder and….