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Fast & Furiosa

Charlize Theron rumoured to play the villain in the 8th Fast & Furious film Well… this is some awesome news. Charlize Theron is apparently in talks to portray the antagonist….

In Defense of Man of Steel

Man of Steel is a good movie, and a perfectly fine start to a Cinematic Universe I don’t love Man of Steel. Which kind of makes it weird to write….

#OscarsSoWhite or Oscars, So What?

The Oscars continue to struggle with diversity For the past two years the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have decided that the 40 best acting performances were by….

2015 Oscar Nominations

2015 Oscar Nominations By Michael Walls-Kelly This year’s Oscar nominations have been a bit scattershot, which was expected. 2015 was full of really well-rounded movies that were accessible and enjoyable…..

So… There’s a New Cloverfield Coming Out?!

Well, that’s unexpected. Audience members attending Michael Bay’s new film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Thursday night were shown an interesting trailer. The movie stars John Goodman, Mary….

What to Watch After Making a Murderer

What to Watch After Making a Murderer By Michael Walls-Kelly If you’re like everyone else in the world you spent the holidays watching and passionately discussing Netflix’s true crime docuseries….