Author: Jacob Bryant

The Wolverine Has A New Japanese Poster

Everybody loves Wolverine and everybody loves samurais. The new Japanese poster for The Wolverine is sporting both. Check it out (via IMP Awards): Will you be seeing The Wolverine at….

Charlie Hunnam as The Flash?

It would appear that some concept art over at Warner Bros. has Son’s of Anarchy and Pacific Rim actor Charlie Hunnam representing our favorite speed force user, The Flash. Chud….

Batman: Arkham Origins Announced

  Batman: Arkham Origins Announced Reported on by Jacob Bryant Who is ready for another iteration of a Batman origin story? Ready or not it was announced today that we….

Andy Diggle Leaves Action Comics

Anyone who was excited for Andy Diggle’s run on Action Comics beginning in April had best contain themselves. Diggle revealed today, via Twitter that he was leaving the book before….

Justice League Movie Lineup Revealed?

Justice League Movie Lineup Revealed? Written by Jacob Bryant The Justice League of America movie, WB’s answer to Marvel’s uber successful summer flick The Avengers, may finally have its roster…..