Author: Darnell Savant Lee

Mild mannered Industrial worker by day, Graphic Artist/Designer/Writer the rest of the time. Self professed Nerd/Geek and lover of all that is comics.

A-Force #3 Review

A-Force #3 Writers – Kelly Thompson with G. Willow Wilson Artist – Jorge Molina Color Artist – Matt Milla Lettere – Cory Petit Review by Darnell Savant Lee By now,….

Power Man & Iron Fist #1 Review

Power Man & Iron Fist #1 Writer: David Walker Artist: Sanford Greene Color Artist: Lee Loughridge Letterer: Clayton Cowles Editor: Jake Thomas Publisher: Marvel Review by Darnell Savant Lee “…No….

Bet On Black Over on Kickstarter

There’s an age old question that goes “Does art imitate life, or is life imitated by art?” The question has yet to be answered but sometimes, the satisfaction is not….

Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool Movie Review The Merc with a mouth gets a movie… Review by Darnell Savant Lee Deadpool, Marvel Comics resident mercenary with a penchant for killing, and wise cracking(and not….

Galactica To The Big Screen?

How much would you love to see the hit television show “Battlestar Galatica” get the big screen treatment?  I know I would, “So Say We All!”  It seems that this….

A Guide To Fandom: 24

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…the sounds of a clock ticking, or maybe a bomb counter counting down, or a sign that a commercial was coming…all would be correct when it comes to….

A-Force #2 Review

A-Force #2 Written by: Kelly Thompson with G. Willow Wilson Art by: Jorge Molina Colors by: Laura Martin Letters by: VC’s Cory Petit Reviewed by Darnell Savant Lee “You are….

The King’s Leap Review

The Kings Leap (One Shot) Written by: Robin Jones Artist: Gareth Sleightholme Published by: Madius Comics reviewed by  Darnell Savant Lee If you’re a fan of swords and sorcerers, blades….

Love Letter To A Publisher

Hi, how are you doing today? I hope this letter finds you well. You’re probably wondering what this letter is all about, I’ve been doing some thinking about us lately…..