Author: Chris Ceary

Chris (she/they) is the cohost of Gotham Outsiders a Batman Bookclub podcast and a psychology consultant who has worked for companies like Marvel comics. When she is not writing or talking about comics, they teach psychology at the university level.

Lifetime Passes Review

“This place is more special to me than you could ever imagine.” Lifetime Passes Terry Blas (@TerryBlas) Claudia Aguirre (@claudiaguirre) Review by Chris Ceary Content warnings/Trigger warnings: Racism, homophobia, deportation,….

Robin & Batman #1 Review

“I thought this would be a dream come true. A fantasy. I mean, there are monsters and there is even a Knight.”  Robin & Batman #1 Jeff Lemire (@JeffLemire) Dustin….

Ballad for Sophie Review

“Every story has an antagonist. A villain. Suddenly, in this story, the villain…was me.”  Ballad for Sophie Filipe Melo Juan Cavia Review by Chris Ceary Content warnings/Trigger warnings: Physical and….

Coming Soon! Perpetually Overthinking

Perpetually Overthinking issue #0: Coming Soon! by Chris Ceary (@themythofpsyche) Banner art by Jess from Heart to Life Designs If you are the kind of person who likes to give….

Let’s Hear it for The Aces!

By Chris Ceary  Asexual Awareness Week is upon us! Asexuality refers to a wide spectrum of people who feel either no sexual attraction, who feel a limited amount of attraction,….

Salt Magic Review

“I wanted it so much, I made it real.”  Salt Magic Hope Larson (@hopelarson) Rebecca Mock (@rebeccamock) Review by Chris Ceary Content warning/Trigger warning: Elder abuse, PTSD Growing up is….

Batman: The Imposter #1 Review

“Someone’s out there pretending to be Batman” Batman: The Imposter Issue 1 Matt Tomlin Andrea Sorrentino (@And_Sorrentino) Jordie Bellaire Review by Chris Ceary Content warnings/Trigger warnings: graphic violence, mental illness….

DC Welcomes its Newest Bi-con: Jon Kent!

by Chris Ceary Jon Kent is bisexual! Jon Kent, former Superboy and current Superman is bisexual, canonically, officially. A recent interview with Tom Taylor, writer of Superman: Son of Kal-El,….

Squad Review

“We don’t let boys hurt us. We hurt boys. Only boys.”  Squad Maggie Tokuda-Hall (@emteehall) Lisa Sterle (@lisa_sterle) Review by Chris Ceary Content warning/trigger warning: Graphic novel contains attempted sexual….