Author: Brad Jones

Review: Teen Titans # 1

TEEN TITANS #1 Written by Scott Lubdell Drawn by Brett Booth Review by Brad Jones Teen Titans #1 is the polar opposite of Legion of Superheroes and Legion Lost: here’s….

Review: Superman #1

SUPERMAN #1 Written by George Perez Drawn by Jesus Merino  Review By Brad Jones Superman #1 is a curious beast. On the one hand, it follows other New 52 flagship….

Review: Nightwing # 1

NIGHTWING #1 Written by Kyle Higgins Art by Eddy Barrows As big a fan of Batman as I am, I LOVE me some Dick Grayson (wink!) and his turn as Nightwing…..

Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws #1

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #1 Written by Scott Lobdell Art by Kenneth Rocafort Former Robin Jason Todd has taken up the mantle of Red Hood, a gun-wielding vigilante. He teams….

Review: Legion of Superheroes #1

LEGION OF SUPERHEROES #1 Written by Paul Levitz Drawn by Francis Portela Review by Brad Jones If you’ve read my takes on Teen Titans #1 or Legion Lost #1, you’ll….

Review: Captain Atom #1

CAPTAIN ATOM #1 Written by JT Krul Drawn by Freddie Williams II Review by Brad Jones Captain Atom is not a bad book. It is however, such a retread of….

Review: Mister Terrific #1

MISTER TERRIFIC #1 Written by Eric Wallace Art by Roger Robinson We’re thrown head-first into a frantic chase between Mister Terrific – the self-professed third-smartest man in the world(?) – and….

Review: Legion Lost #1

LEGION LOST #1 Written by Paul Levitz Art by Francis Portela I have an admission…I did not like Legion Lost. At all. It’s not that it’s poorly written or drawn; it’s….

Review: Detective Comics # 1

DETECTIVE COMICS #1 Written and Drawn by Tony Daniel Inked by Ryan Winn As a huge fan of Batman in general – he’s my favorite superhero – I was particularly….

Review: Men of War #1

MEN OF WAR #1 Written by Ivan Brandon Art by Tom Derrenick Men of War is strange. And not good strange. The book is split into two parts, with the first….