Author: Brad Jones

Review: Superman #3

“A Cold Day in Hell” Written by George Perez Drawn by Nicola Scott Inked by Trevor Scott Colored by Brian Buccellato, Brett Smith & Blond Review by Brad Jones Throughout….

Review: Nightwing #3

“Past and Present” Written by Kyle Higgins Drawn by Eddy Barrows and Eduardo Pansica Inked by JP Mayer, Paulo Siqueira and Eber Ferreira Colored by Rod Reis and Allen Passalaqua….

Review: Legion of Superheroes #3

Legion of Superheroes #3 “Shadow War” Written by Paul Levitz Drawn by Francis Portela Colored by Javier Mena Review by Brad Jones I’m not going to pretend that I know….

Review: Teen Titans #3

“Better to Burn Out…Than to Fade Away” Written by Scott Lobdell Drawn by Brett Booth Inks by Norm Rapmund Colors by Andrew Dalhouse Review by Brad Jones It is my….

Review: Captain Atom #3

“Divine Intervention” Written and Drawn by JT Krul and Freddie Williams II Colored by Jose Villarrubia   Review by Brad Jones   So here’s the thing…I don’t hate Captain Atom…..

Review: Legion Lost #3

LEGION LOST 3 “Red Rage” Written by Fabian Nicieza & Pete Woods Colored by Brad Anderson Review by Brad Jones I’ve taken great pleasure throughout this New 52 experiment in….

Review: Mister Terrific #3

MISTER TERRIFIC 3 “Haunted” Written by Eric Wallace Drawn by Scott Clark Inked by Dave Beaty Colored by Mike Atiyeh Cover by J.G. Jones Reviewed by Brad Jones One thing….

Review: Detective Comics #3

DETECTIVE COMICS #3 Written and Drawn by Tony Salvador Daniel Inks by Sando Florea Colors by Tomeu Morey   Review by Brad Jones   It’s rare in comics that I….