Author: Sean Lamont

A happy-go-lucky guy, Sean has prided himself on his ability to be fashionably late to just about anything. As such, his foray into comics began relatively recently, joining in with the jamboree during the 2011 New 52 relaunch at DC Comics. Making up for lost time, he has since jumped in with both feet, writing for blog sites and even hosting the DC Comics-centric DCR Podcast.

Justice League #21 Review

Justice League #21 Written by Geoff Johns Art by Gary Frank Reviewed by Sean Lamont While the quality of the Justice League title has been steadily improving since the Throne….

Edison Rex TPB Review

Edison Rex TPB Volume 1 Written by Chris Roberson Art by Dennis Culver Reviewed by Sean Lamont I’ve stated before that a protagonist is only as good as their opposition,….

Captain Midnight #0 Review

Captain Midnight #0 Written by Joshua Williamson Art by Victor Ibazez and Pere Perez Reviewed by Sean Lamont Like the steady cha-chunk of .50 cal Brownings on the nose of….

Green Lantern Corps #21 Review

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Suicide Squad #21 Review

Suicide Squad #21 Written by Ales Kot Art by Patrick Zircher Reviewed by Sean Lamont Suicide Squad has always been an enticing proposition to me since I started reading comics. ….

Breath of Bones #1 Review

Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem #1 of 3 Written by Steve Niles and Matt Santoro Art by Dave Wachter Reviewed by Sean Lamont Over the years, Steve….

Misty Circus Review

Misty Circus Written by Victoria Frances Art by Victoria Frances Reviewed by Sean Lamont Intricate weaving plots full of surprise and betrayal.  Bombastic action sequences of unfathomable scope and destruction. ….

Adventures of Superman #1 (Print) Review

Adventures of Superman #1 (Print Edition) Written by Jeff Parker, Jeff Lemire, and Justin Jordan Art by Chris Samnee, Jeff Lemire, and Riley Rossmo Reviewed by Sean Lamont Some of….

Earth 2 Annual #1 Review

Earth 2 Annual #1 Written by James Robinson Art by Cafu and Julius Copez Reviewed by Sean Lamont World-building always holds a soft-spot in my heart.  Taking a setting, detailing….