The Goon #41

Goon #41 Review

Whatever happened to that nameless man, that zombie priest? Come find out in our review of The Goon #41!

Invincible #94 Review

Who is the mysterious new leader of the Flaxan Army? Yesterday I brought us up to speed on the current events for Invincible and why we're so excited for issue #100. Finally, after being pushed back a week, we get to see the big reveal for the new Flaxan threat!
Fairest #6

Fairest #6 Review

Written by Bill Willingham Pencilled by Phil Jimenez Inked by Andy Lanning & Andrew J. Pepoy Colored by Andrew Dalhouse Lettered by Todd Klein Cover Art by Adam Hughes Reviewed by Alexande... Read More...
Daredevil 16

Daredevil #16 Review

Daredevil #16 Written by Mark Waid Pencilled & Inked by Chris Samnee Colored by Javier Rodriguez Lettered by Joe Caramagna Reviewed by Alexander Añé What's in the box, Matt? This is... Read More...