Invincible #100: The Death of Everyone Review

Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley have been showing off this arc for a long time, and now we're at a huge milestone issue for the series. After seeing The Walking Dead's hundreth issue, we're left wondering what sort of story we'll see in Invincible's.

Invincible #96 Review

Kirkman throws the gauntlet and turns head with the finale of the Flaxan invasion. Don't miss out on this conclusion on our way to the Death of Everyone!

The Goon #42 Review

Issue #42 tells me that Powell is kicking things into a high gear for The Goon and preparing a lot of development for Goon's long time nemesis: The Priest.

Invincible #95 Review

Invincible #95 goes straight for the throat, come see us break it down and figure out how this Flaxan threat will fit in the grand scheme of things!
Clayface by Greg Capullo

Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: Greg Capullo Interview

During the closing moments of Baltimore Comic-Con I had the pleasure of getting a few minutes to talk with Greg Capullo, the artist behind the most recent and wildly successful run of Batman. After a long line of signing, perhaps even longer than Stan Lee's line some speculate, Greg's enthusiasm didn't falter as he spoke with me about his life as an artist and his latest project with Scott Snyder, Death of the Family.

Thrillbent’s Insufferable: Week 18 Review

Insufferable returns for another helping of family discourse as Galahad tries to figure out if Nocturnus killed his mother. At the same time Nocturnus is attempting to figure out who's the mastermind pulling Galahad's strings... if only Galahad wouldn't get in the way.

Thrillbent’s Insufferable: Week 17 Review

This week's Insufferable continues the story of Nocturnus and Galahad, the former father and son crime-fighting team. Each installment of the series paints the history of their partnership, and the nature of how that partnership dissolved. As the title suggests, Galahad presents himself as an insufferable, "douchebag," having shut the door on his own father and compromised his secret identity.