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Perpetually Overthinking issue #0: Coming Soon!

by Chris Ceary (@themythofpsyche)

Banner art by Jess from Heart to Life Designs

If you are the kind of person who likes to give pop culture the same level of thought as “high art,” pull up a chair, sit awhile. If you are the kind of person who thinks plot holes are just opportunities to connect dots, grab a cup of tea and get comfy. This is a bi-weekly column where I solemnly swear, we will think through those things together. We will likely think them through way more than the creators intended us to. Join me as I turn my 3 AM shower thoughts and pre-coffee questions into full length explorations that weave psychology, feminism, and queer theory into pop culture. We will ask questions like: what does vampire lore teach us about religious trauma and what does the rise of DND shows indicate about our need for representation? We will ask them in a cozy, conversation over a shared dessert kind of way. No yums will be yucked, and no media will be considered too trivial to be thought about deeply. 

“But wait,” you may say, “who are you?”

I’m Chris Ceary. During the day I wear way too many hats as a psychology doctoral student, a university teacher, a therapist in training; and a researcher of sex, gender, and romance. At night, I trade the hats for a cape and some fairy boots to become a host of the Gotham Outsiders, which overthinks all things Batman on a regular basis. I also consult on comics for companies such as Marvel. When I am not doing all of those things, I am lying awake at night wondering why Parabatai bonds mean Shadowhunters can’t bone down. It is a regular party up in my brain. I hope you join me for it. 

Starting next week, Perpetually Overthinking will update every other week as we set out to celebrate all the wonderfully weird things pop culture says about our lives and our minds. Maybe we will even solve a few plot holes along the way.

Chris (she/they) is the cohost of Gotham Outsiders a Batman Bookclub podcast and a psychology consultant who has worked for companies like Marvel comics. When she is not writing or talking about comics, they teach psychology at the university level.

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