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Issue #509: BIG REVEALS w/ Kristen Gudsnuk!!!

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It’s a night of revelations and secrets as the boys are joined by friend-of-the-pod Kristen Gudsnuk! Kristen reveals TONS about her work, her interests, her favorite movies, her mutant pinkies, and her new graphic novel, MAKING FRIENDS: THIRD TIMES A CHARM!

John reveals his personal story with that fateful 900-number from DC back in the ‘80s. Bob reveals the 666th film in his personal movie journal. And Joey reveals that hey, 2011’s Green Lantern isn’t actually that bad maybe???

Comics talked this week: Batman/Catwoman #6, Supergirl, Woman of Tomorrow #3, Trial of Magneto #1, Way of X #5, Wonder Woman in The Fifties TPB, Maneaters: The Cursed #2, Suicide Squad: Get Joker #1, Daredevil #33, I Was Their American Dream, J&K, and The Bloody Cardinal.

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