Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #503: More Relevant Than Dean Cain

Talking Comics Podcast: Issue #503: More Relevant Than Dean Cain

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This episode is full of Russian spies, faeries, angry and irrelevant celebrities, and one very nice house on a lake. Get ready for a reunion that will make you cherish your found family even more. Oh, this is also the episode where we review Marvel Studios’ Black Widow. Enjoy!

Comics Talked About This Episode: 

Bandette Vol. 4, America Chavez: Made in the USA $3, Wonder Girl #2, Sensational Wonder Woman #5, Captain America #30, Shadow Service #8-9, Commanders in Crisis #9-10, X-Force #21, X-Men #1, The Nice House on the Lake #2, Wynd #1-8, and much more!

Movies Talked About This Episode:

Black Widow, Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1

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