Way of X #1

Way of X (2021) #1 | Comic Issues | Marvel

Way of X#1 Review

Written by Si Spurrier

Drawn by Bob Quinn

Colored by Java Tartaglia

Lettered by VC’s Clayton Cowles

Reviewed by KrisK

What is the purpose of religion, if there is no death? What is even the point of morality, if the worse possible consequence for one’s actions can be undone? Way of X#1 asks these very questions.

Nightcrawler worries. Krakoa lacks any central faith, and while “Krakoa shelters members of 23 doctrines…”, all seem to be wilting in the new nation. Instead, vice, sex, and cheap death rule. A nation of immortals living in Utiopia fear nothing. Except the Patchwork Man.

The issue opens with Xavier dreaming of a strange figure. He wakes and reaches out to Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler. Wagner “bamfs” into the air above a church, along with a team of young mutants. They infiltrate the building, which is an Orchis funded “Museum of Hate” featuring exhibits describing the acts of terror enacted by a gallery of mutant rogues. The young mutants joke about the Patchwork Man, but before Wagner gets an explanation, they find trouble. In a classroom, Orchis indoctrinates priests in bigotry against mutants. The team dispatches Orchis, but not without a fatality on their side. The young mutants find it cool, though, and see the death of their compatriot as trivial.

Nightcrawler copes in his typical method and arranges a prank on a member of the Quiet Council. After the jape, he tries avoiding the Crucible. In doing so, he again hears the youth talk of the Patchwork Man, who they say has funny hair and makes you do “hurty” things. Nightcrawler hears someone in the forest, and he attacks them. Its not the Patchwork Man, though. Its Doctor Nemesis, who now grows psychedelics out of his cerebellum. They wax and wane about the importance of rituals in a society. Without them, violent societal collapse occurs or the strong invent their own rituals, such as the Crucible.

If you are not familiar with the ritual, mutants depowered by Wanda Maximoff fight powered mutants to the death. The powered ones always win, slowly killing the depowered mutants in combat. The deaths involve great pain and suffering. After their death, the Five resurrect the depowered mutants, now with their powers.

See the source image
This guy looks like Juggernaut robbed Sinster’s Closet.

At a resurrection, the Patchwork Man makes his presence felt by Nightcrawler and Xavier. Xavier then tasks Kurt with hunting down the Patchwork Man. Professor X knows who he is. And he is scared.

Sy Spurrier handles the topics of religion, morality, and mortality perfectly. Possibly no other writer matches Spurrier at expertly discussing complex ideals and mixing in levity and heart. I honestly can’t think of anyone better for the job.

Bob Quinn and Java Tartaglia balance the beauty and horror of Krakoa and the “post-mortal society.” You can smell the musty air of the museum of hate, and feel the breeze of a Krakoan day. And every facial expression carries layered emotions. I loved it. Clayton Cowles delvers another Clayton Cowles masterpiece.

Verdict: Buy! While this comic certainly explores the consequences of the Brave New World of Krakoa, it remains new reader friendly and deeply engrossing. The best X book yet.

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