Issue #459: EMPYRE’S End & Marvel’s Avengers (The Game)

Issue #459: EMPYRE’S End & Marvel’s Avengers (The Game)

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Lots of good stuff on the show this week, from the end of Empyre to the second season of THE BOYS to the astounding new video game, MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS.

Also, the boys try to decide on the Top 10 Runs of the “Talking Comics” Era!!!

Comics talked this week: Spy Island #1, Fantastic Four #23 , Birds of Prey #28-30, Sherlock Bones and the Natural History Mystery, Bear OGN, We Only Find them When They’re Dead #1, Be Gay Do Comics, Genius Vol 1, New Mutants #12, Miles Morales SpiderMan #18, Lonely Receiver #1, Black Panther Vol. 1 & 2, Black Widow #1, and Empyre #6.

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