Killadelphia #6

Rodney Barnes, writer

Jason Shawn Alexander, art

Luis NCT, colors

Marshall Dillon, Letters



This is an apocalyptic story about a group of vampires, led by a former president John Adams, and his plan to take over the U.S. The story climaxes in this issue when Officer Sangster confronts Adams. The emotional core of the book culminates  with the reconnecting and repair of the relationship between father and son, Sangster and Jimmy. However, what has me interested in this story is the relationship between Jose and Jimmy and the idea that Jimmy is aligned with his father’s mission to rid the country of this vampire threat. 


Throughout my enjoyment of this book, I’ve also struggled to connect the fantasy elements of the story that somehow mirror historical events in the United States. The possibilities are interesting to me. For example, the vampire president offers the ideal, if not impossible, notion that freedom and a new life is possible for those who invest in the mantra the United States is built on: Plenty is possible for those who are willing to work for it. Or, does the story expose the false hopes in that mantra?  


The irony and paradox are glaring. Would anyone continue to call this country the “Land of the free”, land of opportunity, when it’s the home of systemic racism and power differential? The story has an empowering central theme. For example, it’s both symbolic and perhaps prophetic that a young black man defeats the vampire president. While in our current societal state, young people of color educate and enlighten society by making us aware – leading the way to sustained change. While this sustained change is yet to be realized and obstacles exist aplenty, the willingness to fight is a call higher. I highly recommend this book for the symbolism and altruistic themes embedded in the story. Overall 8.5/10

I am a licensed clinical social worker and trauma therapist. Comic book heroes have been a passion of mine since I was a small child. However, making the weekly trip to the local comic book store to redeem my pull list has become a regular occurrence only…

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