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Issue #439: Watching ‘90s X-Men Television Shows (Not The Good One)

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This week, the boys are joined by Eisner Award-winning Professor Carolyn Cocca to talk about the illustrious 1996 classic / failed TV pilot movie, GENERATION X, as well as the non-starter, PRYDE & THE X-MEN cartoon pilot!

Also, a ton of DC comics to make up for our heavy Marvel week last time.


  • 00:08:25 – Lighting Rounds!!! Comics Comics Comics!!!
  • 01:05:50 – Open Discussion: Generation X & Pryde of the X-Men
  • 01:36:00 – Distribution News
  • 02:01:45 – Post-Credits

Comics talked this week: America vs. The Justice Society #1-4, The Man of Steel #1-6 by John Byrne, Sensation Comics #85, Captain Marvel: Higher Further Faster (YA novel), Avengers Annual #10, Uncanny X-Men #158, 163, 164, 166, 171, The Man of Steel #1-6 by Brian Michael Bendis, Anti/Hero, Batman: Ego Collection, I was their American dream, Fissure Vol. 1, Tales From Harrow County #2-4, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes – Book 1

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