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Issue #436: A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Podcast

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April showers be damned! The night might be dark and full of terrors, but the Talking Comics crew is here, and we’re ready to social distance the hell out of some comic books! On this week’s show, Bobby recants his journey through the CW’s Arrowverse, in addition to sharing his thoughts about Die from Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans. Meanwhile, Bob brings some of his favorite characters to the show, including Wonder Woman, Star, Amethyst, and of course, the Fantastic Four! As we make our way down the line, we find Stephanie conjuring a witch-centric lightning round packed with plenty of YA graphic novels. And then, last but certainly not least, Steve goes wild for Marvel’s Hellions as well as Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot! Don’t be fooled by this week’s show, dear listeners, because just like the Transformers, there’s more to this episode than meets the eye!

There are no show notes for this week’s podcast because, well … you’ll see. Mwuahaha!

Comics talked this week: Seven Days #8, Wonder Woman #754, Star #3, X-Men/Fantastic Four #3, Amethyst #2, Shadow of the Batgirl, Guts, Witchlight, The Okay Witch, The Witch Boy, Hellions #1

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