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Issue #415: That Scorsese Op-Ed & Pouring One Out for Giant Days

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The boys finally say good bye to John Allison’s GIANT DAYS. Things get teary. Also, that gang digs deep into those Scorsese comments regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his subsequent NY Times Op-Ed.

Also also, a solid listener questioner, Batman casting news, and the first issue of EXCALIBUR!!!

Comics talked this week: 

Invisible Woman #4, Fantastic Four: Grand Design #1, Batman Annual #4, Harleen #2, Gramercy Park, SFSX #2, Spider-Man: Life Story, Excalibur #1, Gideon Falls #11-17, Die #1-8, Afterlift #1, Black Canary: Ignite OGN, and Giant Days: As Time Goes By #1.

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