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Batman #75 Review

Writer: Tom King

Artists: Tony S. Daniel & Mitch Gerads

Colors: Tomeu Morey & Mitch Gerads

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Finally, after seventy-five issues of plotting and scheming Gotham City has finally fallen to Bane! Batman #75 kicks of the City of Bane storyline that has been set in motion from the very beginning of Tom King’s epic run began in Batman: Rebirth #1. Both covertly and overtly Bane has been the principal antagonist for King’s Batman and over the course of the last few issues his plan has become more-clear, the complete subjection of Gotham City. With a Batman (Thomas Wayne) and the Pyscho Pirate at his side it appears that Bane has finally accomplished his plan and Gotham City is now Bane’s City.

Firefly & Firebug, Gotham’s Finest Firefighters?

Batman #75 is the type of comic book that purposely jars the reader from the opening page and then brilliantly guides the reader through the topsy-turvy new status quo of Gotham City. Bane’s Gotham City is a surreal experiment where the villains of Gotham are now the city government. Killer Croc is a patrol officer handing out tickets. Firefly and Firebug are the fire fighters of Gotham. Hugo Strange is the new police commissioner while his hardest working detectives, Riddler and the Joker are hot on the trail of a killer obsessed with the number two (you know who it is). A Batman loyal to Bane and his partner Gotham Girl still patrol the night, striking  fear into any villain or criminal not loyal to Bane. Batman is faithfully served by his butler, the Ventriloquist, while the Psycho Pirate sits beside Bane using his mental powers to convert any non-believer into a loyal servant to Bane. All is not lost as Bruce Wayne is on a quest for answers and allies to help him defeat Bane, leading him up a mountain and into an awkward reunion of someone he may have met on a street? Or was it a boat? With a city held together by mind control, a Batman who may have an agenda of his own, a new Crisis looming, and the Batman planning his return Batman #75 is an incredible kick off to the City of Bane.

There’s Still a Batman in Gotham, But Not the Batman You Want

Loyal readers of Tom King’s Batman are earning their dividends with Batman #75. As we enter into the final stages of Bane’s master plan and promised ramifications for the life of Batman this issue did not disappoint. I was nervous last month when it seemed that DC had lost faith in their Bat-Scribe but thankfully we will see the end of King’s long promised one-hundred issue story (in Batman & Catwoman) andBatman #75 begins the final stage of the story. Tony S. Daniel’s art was impressive, full of dynamic action and detailed panels. Mitch Gerads adds a few pages at the end of the story, and even though his and Daniel’s artwork is quite different I am never going to turn down some dark and beautiful panels from Gerads. I’m excited to see how this arc plays out and once again Tom King and his incredible collaborators have pulled me into another top-notch adventure for the Dark Knight.

Verdict: Batman #75continues the brilliant and beautiful run by Tom King. With the beginning of the City of Bane all fans of Batman should Buy this book!

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