Thor #15 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Mike Del Mundo

Colors: Mike Del Mundo & Marco D’Alfonso

Letters & Production: VC’s Joe Sabino

The War of the Realms is over. The Dark Elf Malekith and his forces stand defeated and it is time to pick up the pieces after the devastating conflict that roared through the ten realms. Thor #15 is an epilogue to the war and sets the stage for what is next for Thor as well as his family and friends. Sadly it is also the second to last issue of this series and is paving the way for Jason Aaron’s final Thor story, King Thor, which will be released the fall.

The Weight of the Ten Realms now Rests on the Shoulders of the All-Father Thor

Thor #15, along with this week’s the War of Realms: Omega, puts a bow on the war and sets the stage for what comes next yet in the pages of Thor #15 it is apparent that Thor is not ready for the mantle of All-Father that Odin bestowed upon him at the conclusion of the War. Thor flees Midgard for old Asgard where his younger and older selves help him decide on the course of action he will take. We also get some insight into Loki’s return and how his own kingship of the Frost Giants will play out. Yet the best part of Thor #15 is how Hela, Queen of Hel, will torture Malekith for eternity for his actions. It’s a fitting punishment for an elf comprised of pure evil.

Thor #15 is not an action-packed issue but it does allow the reader to catch their breath before Aaron, along with original Thor: God of Thunder collaborator Esad Ribic, unleash King Thor upon the Thunder God’s fanbase. Aaron still does an incredible job of pushing his Thor story forward and has some tender moments among Thor and his other selves as well as a great Father Son moment with Odin that has been years in the making. Mike Del Mundo’s artwork continues to be breathtaking with its detailed renderings and rich colors. I’ll be sad to see this creative team’s collaboration on Thor come to an end, as their work together has been excellent and an incredible time in Aaron’s long term Thor story arc.

Verdict: Thor #15is a Buy for any fan of Aaron’s Thor or anyone who wants to know how the survivors of the War of the Realms put their lives back together and what comes next for the God of Thunder.

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