the War of Realms #5 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Russell Dauterman

Colors: Matthew Wilson

Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino

The War of Realms has led to some brilliant combination of characters

The War of Realms #5 sees the heroes of Earth, Asgard, and their fellow resistance fighters from the ten realms finally striking back at Malekith and his dark forces. For much of this mega-event the combined forces of good have been on the defensive, now it is finally their turn to take the war to their oppressors. Black Panther, current Avengers Chairman and de facto leader of the resistance calls upon every hero still standing to join him and the Avengers in striking back across the planet at Malekith. This leads for some interesting combinations, such as Wolverine joining the Warriors Three, Balder the Brave driving the Ghost Rider’s Hell Charger, and the Punisher working alongside some of the last remaining Light Elves of Alfheim. But the best combination has to be the Lady Sif, Hildegarde, Angela, Okoye, and the Dorja Milaje leading one of the strikes against the dark forces over the skyscape of Wakanda. The War of Realms #5 also sees Thor’s quest for old Asgard and the remnants of Mjolnir heightened as a World Tree is growing from the sun, the last place old Asgard was seen. All of this combined into one fast paced issue full of glorious action and is setting up for one hell of a final chapter.

What Has Old Asgard Spawned in the Sun?


The War of Realms #5 is another incredible entry into Marvel’s best even in some time. Jason Aaron has a written a masterful event. The War of Realms is perfectly paced, even with multiple locales and a multitude of characters Aaron gives them all the proper page time and somehow doesn’t let the story become cluttered. Russell Dautuerman’s art is fantastic. I’m so happy that Marvel gave him the lead time to draw the entirety of this event. Too often in recent events the art has been done by committee and the issues end up being disjointed and the events can really lose their flow. But not here, Russell Dauterman is drawing an incredible epic that will go down as one of Marvel’s best events.


Verdict: the War of Realms #5 is another great entry into this stunning event. Perfectly written with beautiful artwork this book is an absolute Buy!


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