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DCeased #2 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor

Pencils: Trevor Hairsine

Inks: Stefano Gaudiano

Colors: Rain Beredo

Letters: Saida Temofonte

Even in the Middle of the Ocean No One is Safe

DCeased #2 sees the Anti-Life Equation continuing too spread throughout the DC Universe turning its unknowing victims into mindless yet violent zombies. Now imbedded in Earth’s social media Darkseid’s long sought-after Anti-Life Equation turns anyone who logs into their Twitter or Instagram will quickly be turned into a frenzied hyper violent zombie. Many of earths civilians have already fallen and now it’s the heroes and villains turn. Beginning with Aquaman investigating a listless ship in the middle of the ocean to a camp out of Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Green Lantern that goes horribly wrong DCeased #2 sees the fall of the DC society.  By the end of the issue there are only a few heroes left at the end of to stand against the zombie onslaught and if this issue is any indication their chances look slim.

Zombie Green Lantern, Another Reason to Never Go Camping Again

Although I’ve not fallen into the Zombie zeitgeist of the last decade, I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying DCeased. Tom Taylor’s story is interesting and engaging. I love that he is taking the long-standing Anti-Life Equation and applying a horror element to it. Trevor Hairsine has long been a favorite artist of mine and his work here is fantastic. His pencils are detailed and his zombies are frenzied and scary. This is a truly great one two combination of writer and artist and they are turning out a horrific DC mini-series.

Verdict: DCeased #2 is another great issue of this imaginary horror tale. Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine are creating an entertaining mini-series and is Buy in my opinion.

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