Issue #389: Eisners, Multiverses, and Graphic Novels Galore

Issue #389: Eisners, Multiverses, and Graphic Novels Galore

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We are back to basics this week in the aftermath of the ENDGAME as the gang dives deep into a GAGGLE OF COMICS, including epic new releases like War of the Realms #3 and Fantastic Four #9. Also, milestone issues like Giant Days #50 and Five Years #1 and a ton of graphic novels!!!

Also, the crew checks out this year’s Eisner Award nominees and the latest Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer!

Comics talked this weekWonder Woman #69, Fantastic Four #9, Paper Girls #26, Giant Days #50, Marvel Team-Up #2, Marvel Rising #2, Domino: Hotshots #3, Black Widow #4, Wicked + Divine #43, Gogor #1, Little Girls OGN, Batman #70, Uncanny X-Men #17, Woman World OGN, Smile OGN, Sisters OGN, About Betty’s Boob OGN, Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me OGN, Five Years #1, DCeased #1, and War of the Realms #3.

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