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Issue #383: THAT Jackie Ball is on the Pod!!!

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This week, we got JACKIE BALL (@thatjackieball)!!! Writer of Goldie Vance and Welcome to Wanderland at Boom! Studios, Jackie talks process, inspirations, and her career as a theme park creative designer!

We also have tons of comics talk and thoughts on Jonathan Hickman’s impending X-capades!!!

00:12 – Lightning Rounds!!!

00:56 – Jackie Ball Interview!!!

02:00 – Open Discussion & Listener Questions!!!

2:33 – Post-Credits Scene!!!

Comics talked this week: Aquaman #46, Captain Marvel #3, Sunstone vol 6, Giraffes on Horseback Salad, A quick & easy guide to they/them pronouns, Iron Scars Volume 1, Flora & Fauna: Anxious Human Field Notes, Cactus Cat: Origins, The City: A Mini-Comic, Ash & Meg, Frank At Home On The Farm, Star Bastard #1, House Amok #5, Coda # 7 – 9, Wonder Woman #52-66, Catwoman #6 – 9, Rainbow Brite #5, West Coast Avengers #9, A City Inside, Bitter Root #1-5, Naomi #3, and Invisible Kingdom #1.


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