Issue #382: Nitrous Oxide Huffing Vampire Leprechauns Attack!!!

Issue #382: Nitrous Oxide Huffing Vampire Leprechauns Attack!!!

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This week on the pod, Bob, Jess and Steve go to the dentist, down a tank of nitrous oxide, and then go for a walk inside a haunted house filled with vampire leprechauns! And that’s just in the first few minutes! After that, the storm rages on with Lightning Rounds, plus we take a deep-dive into Saladin Ahmed’s debut issue of The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1, as well as Assassin Nation #1 from Kyle Starks and Erica Henderson. We also answer a bunch of your amazing listener questions, too!

Set Visit: The Stop-Motion Wizards of Laika talk Missing Link

Books talked about this podcast: What Makes a Hero, Wonder Woman #66, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #42, Songs of the Dead #1-4, Hex Vet: Witches in Training, Champions Vol. 1-3, Avengers & Champions, Little Bird #1, The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1, Assassin Nation #1, and much, much more!


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