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Episode #11 Ladies of Valhalla – Have Fun Storming the Ladycastle!

Episode #11 Ladies of Valhalla – Have Fun Storming the Ladycastle!

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An American, a Canadian and a Brit walk into a bar. But this isn’t a bad joke, this is the Ladies of

In their eleventh episode the Ladies take an in depth look at the 2017 comics mini-series LadyCastle
from Delilah S Dawson, Ashley A Woods, Becca Farrow, Rebecca Nalty and Jim Campbell.
Next month they will be taking a look at 2018 Netflix original movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved
Before, based on the novels by Jenny Han.

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Glory O’ Brien’s History of the Future by AS King – check out episode 3 of LoV for more on that book!

Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Princess and the Frog all by Disney

Ladies of Valhalla is brought to you by Talking Comics ( The podcast is
hosted by Sarah Miles, Bronwyn Kelly-Seigh and Jessica Garris-Schaeffer, and is a monthly look at
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The Ladies of Valhalla logo was created by Jessica Garris-Schaeffer.

‘The Valhallan’, the theme music for Ladies of Valhalla, was created by SuperbadLarry

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