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Issue #380: An Interview with CHRISTOPHER SEBELA! 

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The gang’s back together again for a very special episode–we got CHRISTOPHER SEBELA, EVERYBODY!!! That’s right–the writer of CROWDED, SHANGHAI RED, and the upcoming CLOWN MOTEL joins the Talking Comics round table for some awesome conversation.

Also this week, West Coast Avengers cancelation rumors, Gail Simone news, and more of those Captain Marvel re-reads.

Comics talked on this week’s Talking Comics: Maneaters #6, Moon Girl/Devil Dinosaur #40, Invaders #2, Wonder Woman #65, Captain Marvel: Braver & Mightier, Wicked + Divine #42, Age of X-Man: The X-tremists #1, Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2, Captain Marvel Vol. 7, Sweetie #1, Hex Wives #5, High Level #1, Lady Castle 1-4, Comic Will Break Your Heart, Park Bench OGN, West Coast Avengers #8, and Fantastic Four.


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