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Wyrd # 1 Review

Wyrd #1 Review

Written by Curt Pires

Art by Antonio Fuso

Colours by Stefano Simeone

Reviewed by Lorna Maltman (

Meet Pitor Wyrd or as I like to call him Constantine’s American cousin. He is a New York detective who specialises in the weird and has a penchant for cigarettes, alcohol and death.

The basic plot is that Wyrd is drafted into a case where a monster has been terrorising a small town in Crimea. It could easily be thought of as a one and done issue but Pires imbues the story with mysteries and questions that mean there should be more issues. Wyrd is written like Constantine, in the best way, not to say he is derivative, but you can clearly see the inspiration and it works perfectly to make the dialogue more punchy. The monster actually had an interesting back story as well which is interweaved with the fight between the monster and Wyrd to create some stunning pages and clearly demonstrates the synergy between Pires and Fuso and why in the title page they are labelled ‘Storytellers’.

The art is simple but elegant with Simeone’s colours making the art pop off the page. Fuso does some innovative layouts highlighting the physical toll Wyrd experiences such as in the opening sequence where the minimal text helps draw you into the world and art style. There are times where it is too sketchy or minimal for my taste, but this is not the vast majority of the art.


Worth a shot.  Wyrd is off to a solid start and had some great moments.  There are mysteries left open but this could easily be a trade wait.

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