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Issue #374: “In There Like Swimwear”

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It’s comics comics comics this week on Talking Comics with some LOADED lightning rounds! Books talked this week include: Elvira #4, Catwoman #7, Wonder Woman #62, Marvel Presents #1, Invaders #1, Decades: Marvel in the Forties TPB, Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter #1 & 2, WICKED + DIVINE #41, UNCANNY X-MEN #10, Goddess Mode #1 & #2, Gunning for Hits – Music Thriller #1, Rose #15 & #16, Satania GN, Euthanauts #1-5,  Black Widow #1, and Fantastic Four #6.

Also, the gang gets into some media adaptations like the Deadly Class pilot on SyFy, the first season of DC Titans, and season 2 of Marvel’s The Punisher. Also also, GLASS.


The Comic Book Podcast is brought to you by Talking Comics ( The podcast is hosted by Steve Seigh ( editor), Bob Reyer, Joey Braccino, Jessica Garris-Schaeffer, and Sarah Miles who weekly dissect everything comics-related, from breaking news to new releases. Our Twitter handle is @TalkingComics and you can email us at

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