Uncanny X-Men #2 Review

Writers: Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, & Kelly Thompson

Pencils: R.B. Silva

Inks: Adriano Di Benedetto

Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna

That’s a Whole Lot of Madrox’s

Uncanny X-Men #2 continues the new era of the X-Men under the care of the triumvirate of Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, and Kelly Thomspon. Beginning with the still to be finished Extermination and last week’s Uncanny X-Men #1 Marvel has turned over their mutant franchise to this new group of writers to break their number one franchise out of the funk it has been in over the past few years, really since Bendis left. This new group of writers has so far decided to collect an eclectic group of mutants spanning every generation and incarnation of the X-Men mythos, mix in some nostalgic threats, with a healthy mix of new ideas and so far over two issues it has worked.

Montana, home to those pesky Tyrannosaurus Rex’s

Uncanny X-Men #2 picks up in the wake of last weeks #1. The team is facing threats on three fronts. First nature itself seems to be attacking the world as extinct creatures have returned and are wreaking havoc across the globe and it falls to a team of X-Men to deal with a pesky Tyrannosaurus Rex in Montana. Secondly Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, has apparently lost his mind as he is multiplying at an extraordinary level, to the point he may repopulate the entire state of Kansas. Third, the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach is once again under siege by Anti-Mutant protestors who see mutants as the root of all evil in the world. There is a fourth worry, as several key Mutants (Angel & Kitty Pryde) went missing in issue #1 but don’t expect much from that plot point in Uncanny X-Men #2. In classic team fashion the X-Men are split into two groups to deal with the Montana and Kansas situations while the New X-Men are left to deal with the angry protestors as well as a surprise blast from the past who makes a surprise appearance on the last page

I’m really enjoying the relaunch of Uncanny X-Men. Brisson, Rosenberg, and Thompson have an excellent grasp on who these characters are, from characterization down to dialogue and interactions. They are obviously longtime fans but not writing fan fiction. They have a nice sense of nostalgia but with new takes and a wonderful modern feel to the book. R.B. Silva’s artwork was an excellent addition to the title. His artwork is full of energy and really pops off the page. Silva’s artwork has matured over the years, I enjoyed it when I first saw him on the New 52’s Worlds Finest but am blown away with his action scenes and the flow of his pages. He truly is deserving of a spot on this marquee book. If Marvel can keep up this quality week after week then they truly have revived the X-Men franchise and that make me very happy, since I have truly missed reading the X-Men.

Verdict: Uncanny X-Men #2 is another outstanding addition to Marvel’s weekly relaunch of the X-Franchise. With wonderful writing and beautiful artwork it is an absolute Buy for any fan of the X-Universe.

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