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Issue #363: How About Some DEMOCRACY With Those Comics???

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It’s Joey, Bob, and Professor Carolyn “Eisner-Award-Winner” Cocca around the Talking Comics table talking all the comics this week!!! Here we are watching the “afterbirth of a nation” (Hamilton joke), and the gang’s all here to talk some of the biggest, best releases from last week. Also, some democracy-related comics, too!!!

Comics talked on this week’s Talking Comics: Scooby-Doo Team-Up #43, Moon Girl/Devil Dinosaur #36, Nancy Drew #5, West Coast Avengers #3, Marvel Two-in-One #11, Batgirl #28, WWE Undertaker Graphic Novel, Shanghai Red #5 (of 5), X-Men Black Emma Frost, Sex Death Revolution #1, The Nameless City Book 3: The Divided Earth, Sabrina (Graphic Novel), Batman Beyond #25, DC Superhero Girls: Out of the Bottle, Man-Eaters #2, Justice League Dark/Wonder Woman #1, Avengers Halloween Special.


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