Episode #4 Ladies of Valhalla – Marvel’s Legacy Sweetheart, Ms. Marvel

Episode #4 Ladies of Valhalla – Marvel’s Legacy Sweetheart, Ms. Marvel

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An American, a Canadian and a Brit walk into a bar. But this isn’t a bad joke, this is the Ladies of

In their fourth episode the Ladies take an in depth look at the character of Ms. Marvel, with a
specific focus on Kamala Khan. This episode features embiggening, entitlement, emotions and…

Next month the ladies will be looking at the recent movie adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time, based on
the book by Madeline L’Engel.

Ladies of Valhalla is brought to you by Talking Comics (www.talkingcomicbooks.com). The podcast is
hosted by Sarah Miles, Bronwyn Kelly-Seigh and Jessica Garris-Schaeffer, and is a monthly look at
media from female or female-identifying creators, or featuring female or female-identifying
characters. You can find the hosts on Twitter (@ValhallaLadies) or Facebook
(www.facebook.com/ValhallaLadies) or email them on ladiesofvalhalla@gmail.com
The Ladies of Valhalla logo was created by Jessica Garris-Schaeffer.
‘The Valhallan’, the theme music for Ladies of Valhalla, was created by SuperbadLarry
(@SuperbadLarry on Twitter)

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